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Complete project management capabilities are critical for success when competing to deliver products and services faster, cheaper and better that your competitors.

Sinergi Mentari Project Management services aims at saving your time. Our project management team will take the hardest of jobs to coordinate the working process of your idea. Our team can get on-board at any stage of the project, but our best works have always been in projects where we have been on-board from the beginning. Our Project Managers understand every technical detail thoroughly to give you project analysis and estimation of costs and time.

The Sinergi Mentari Professional Project Management services offer the following –

  • Coordination of Team Work – Our project manager will lead the project from scheduling to support to product release. We will determine the requirements, resources and schedules for the project by creating and maintaining technical and project documentation. We will provide individual responsibilities sand team perform assessment while monitoring day-to-day operational aspects and scope control.
  • Realistic Schedule Creation – We understand that the correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important to keep the project on schedule and within budget.
  • Software Development Life-cycle Planning – Our team will provide you with a detailed development and implementation strategy using which you as a client can make adjustments, track work progress and manage it yourself if need arises.
  • Remote Project Management – Our team him will employ technicians from all over the world if need be. You as a client can always follow the development or implementation process through the daily or weekly work reports provided to you.

Join us as business partners and get many benefits...