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Network Security

Network Security

However large or small your business be, security is a critical element of your ICT infrastructure. We can help you set up a secure network that will protect your from data breach, theft or sabotage or any other security vulnerabilities.

Any business owner or manager who has experienced a downtime as a result of virus or malicious attack knows the importance of ICT security. Whatever be the kind of data you store, you need to be confident that your network is safe and secure. Unless you are willing to constantly perform vulnerability assessments you need to have total trust in your network security design. Even if you employ a full-time ICT staff, your network may have security gaps that might allow potential intrusions. Sinergi Mentari will perform a complete assessment of your ICT security status, inspect the condition of your firewall and do a thorough checkup of all the internal and external vulnerabilities to identify any potential area of improvement.

Our ICT security services include the following as well –

  • Firewall Auditing
  • Network Security assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Windows managed services Patch management solution

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