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Thinking of migrating to the Cloud? Even though the Cloud offers many benefits, most businesses are anxious about the system availability and the data security it can offer.

Sinergi Mentari is one of Malaysia’s premier private cloud expert. As a company that offers complete ICT services, we understand that no two business requirements are alike. So we offer the best services that fit your needs. Our cloud solution ensures to address every change in market condition helping you streamline you’re your ICT operations to be flexible, scalable and predictable. Sinergi Mentari Cloud Solutions offers the following to our customers –

  • Savings – Though we use high grade equipment and facilities, we can save 30% of your current ICT costs.
  • Focus – You can focus on running your business knowing that your companies cloud technology rests on our hands.
  • Talent – We offer you a full fledge ICT team consisting of Network Engineers, Desktop Engineers, NOC Engineers and Management team working collectively to serve your needs better.
  • Operational Expertise – We follow the ITIL standards to ensure consistency and quality ICT operations.
  • Scalability – Our Cloud Solution offers rapid scalability to suit your needs.

Join us as business partners and get many benefits...